Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The New Ticket Item - Artificial Lighting

The new ticket item in the recently released Building Commission Practice Note 2011-55 clause 8.1 and BCA 2011 Section, is the provision to address artificial lighting. It provides for the maximum power consumption by the lights in a space.
The artificial lighting provision is not to exceed the following:
·        5W/m2 for habitable spaces;
·        4W/m2 for verandah or balcony attached to a class 1 building;
·        3W/m2 for a class 10.
The above will apply to classes 1, 2 and 4, and will need to be clearly documented by the Energy Consultant or the Designer, and then provided to the relevant Building Surveyor.
There are a few items that remain the same after the introduction of 6-stars. Regulations for rainwater tanks and solar hot water systems have not changed. Either a rain water tank of minimum capacity of 2000 litres or a solar water heater system are still required when constructing new homes.
Sustainability Update
In accordance with the current Victorian Building Commission Practice Note 2011 – 55, an alteration or extension to an existing dwelling does NOT require either a rain water tank or solar hot water service. Clause 9.1.

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