Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Residential Extensions Now Made Easier to Comply

It’s been a while since my previous newsletter. What a hectic year!!
We assess extensions on a regular basis. I frequently get asked questions about different matters around this topic. So I thought to write this brief newsletter to clarify a few things.
The dwelling with the proposed extension does not have to achieve overall 6-star efficiency. The Building Commission issued a new Practice Note 2011-55 in May this year. A new process has been introduced which has made it easier for residential extensions to comply.
The process is below for alteration / extension works where it exceeds 50% of existing volume.

  1. The existing dwelling will be energy assessed. Most likely it will be a low star rating.
  2. The new alteration / extension works by default must be 6-star energy efficient.
  3. Then an overall required energy efficiency will be determined. This will be based on volume and star rating of both existing dwelling and proposed works. The verdict may be 4-star or 5-star as a minimum. Hence making compliance easier.  Refer to below table as an example.

New Picture

You can see from the above example, the project complies with 4.9-star efficiency, exceeding the minimum energy efficiency requirement of 4.4-star. In some cases, the Building Surveyor may ask for additional things such as: water tank or solar hot water or other improvements.
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